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Algerian Deglet Noor Dates

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Original Algerian Deglet Nour directly from our farmer friend in Sahara Desert. 

Deglet Nour originated from Algeria. Algeria has never exported any of their dates to Singapore. They mainly supply dates to France, Canada, the UK, and California.

Deglet Nour is less sweet and has a nutty aroma. Some caramel taste, too.

Dates are widely consumed for their health benefits.
✅️ High in anti-oxidants
✅️ High in fibre
✅️ Excellent source of vitamins, C, D, potassium, magnesium
✅️ Anti-aging properties
✅️ Prevent accumulation of melanin
✅️ Aids in weight loss
✅️ Lower Cholesterol
✅️ Diabetic friendly
✅️ Good for post menopausal bone health
✅️ Improves digestive health
✅️ Detoxify body
✅️ improves skin elasticity and smoothness.