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Alazani Marani Saperavi is a type of Georgian wine made from the Saperavi grape variety, which is native to the country. Alazani Marani is the name of a winery located in the eastern part of Georgia, in the Kakheti region, which is known for producing some of the best Georgian wines.

Saperavi grapes have a thick skin and a deep red color, which contributes to the wine's intense color and rich flavor. The wine is usually aged in oak barrels, which adds additional complexity to the flavor profile. Alazani Marani Saperavi wine is known for its fruity and spicy notes, with hints of blackberry, black cherry, and vanilla.

Georgian wines, including Alazani Marani Saperavi, have a long history and are an important part of the country's cultural heritage. Georgian winemaking techniques are distinct from those used in Western winemaking, and include the use of clay vessels called qvevri for fermentation and aging. Georgian wines are increasingly popular around the world, and are recognized for their unique taste and character.


Product Info



Vivino rating: 3.9

Dry Red

Grape Variety: Saperavi 100%

Region: Kakheti

Serving Info

Food Pairing: Moderately seasoned meat dishes, beef & chicken stews.


Serving Temperature: 15-18°C

Alc. 13.5%* By Vol.

*Alc. & Vintage year subjected to change