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Kindzmarauli PDO

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Kindzmarauli is a Protected Designated Origin where wines are predominantly made with Saperavi in Semi-Sweet style.

This premium wine is garnet colored with a vibrant ruby edge, has a rich bouquet of flavors and a hint of ripe blackberry. Medium bodied, low tanning and moderate acidity.

Many people are put off by the word sweet. However, this semi-sweet wine has a good balance of sweetness with nice acidic finishing. This wine achieved its sweetness by stopping the fermentation process at the right level by freezing the tank at the required temperature.

Product Info

Kindzmarauli (PDO)


Vivino rating: 4.3

Red Semi-Sweet (No Sugar added)

Grape Variety: Saperavi

Region: Kakheti

Serving Info

Serving Temperature: 16-18°C

Alc. 11.5%* By Vol.

Food Pairing: Fruits, Black Forest and dark chocolate desserts, pomegranate salad and for the more adventurous, pair this with some sweeter tasting asian cuisines like sweet and sour meat or bak kwa. 

*Alc. & Vintage year subjected to change