Alazani Qveri

In 2013, the Georgian traditional method of aging wine was inscribed in the UNESCO World Register of Intangible Heritage. Despite the fact that this method of Georgian wine-making has existed for 8,000 years, "Qvevri" wine has only recently become known outside of Georgia and is quickly earning worldwide recognition.

While Making Qvevri wine, winemakers use the notes written down by the French traveler and archeologist Barod De Bai in 1897 while travelling in Kakheti, Georgia. He went around almost all the villages in Kakheti and made extensive notes about the process and the specifics of making wine in Qvevri, down to the smallest details. Our winemaker uses this method in its original form and excludes any interference with modern technology. Hence, Qveri is your authentic traditional old world wine.